contemporary realism expressionist brushstrokes everyday life theatrical settings mixed media figurative constructions

The Pier

40'' x 26'' x 7.5''

Take It In

The-Pier-web.jpg Once-Again-29-19-8-07.jpg

20'' x 15.5'' x 6.5''

14" x 15" x 6"

22" x 18" x 8"

34" x 24" x 9"

Cooper's Pond

On Ice at the RBC

The Raleigh Times

Raleigh-Times.jpg On-the-Ice-at-RBC.jpg Coopers-Pond.jpg

20" x 16" x 7"

23" x 20" x 8.5"

Exploring Jaffa

Surfing 2

Jaffa-2011-copy.jpg Surfer-copy.jpg

32" x 26" x 10"

The Sky of Reedy Creek


29" x 19" x 8"

38" x 25" x 8"

44" x 30" x 7"


Cool Water



Halley's Corner

Hayes Barton Afternoon

Once Again

Commissioned Works

Encounter-38-25-8-copy.jpg Once-Again-29-19-8-07.jpg Halleys-Corner.jpg Blueprint-07-44-30-7.jpg Fresh---NC-Farmers-Market-31-20-65-08-e.jpg Hayes-Barton-Afternoon.jpg Gould-Piece.jpg Cool-Water-side-one.jpg
This piece is actually three separate pieces which overlap one another. It is in the collection of Carole and Howard Guld, who own two pieces by Amy Levine

This piece is in the collection of Beth and Sean Gargan, who have several pieces by Amy Levine

51" x 36" x 7"

Morning Coffee

This piece is hanging in SAS Institute, in the Wellness Center

Fire-Island-2.jpg Morning-Coffee-51x36x11.jpg Gargens-in-Ireland.jpg SAS-42x48x9-copy.jpg
Amy F. Levine/Artquest Studio
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Amy F. Levine